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Rah! Rah! Go Team Go!

29 Aug

Image traced and then colored in Adobe Illustrator

A simple drawing of a cheerleader (as today I need some cheering!) I drew this using a tracing technique, and brought it over into Illustrator did some magic and gave it color, and textures.  Nice little ditty!


Metal Art Moves 7 Ways

19 Jul

Project to Create something that moves 7 ways

This is a metal piece I did for a class on form and space.  Our objective was to create anything that moved 7 ways.  I went to home depot and picked out some interesting (and inexpensive) pieces and parts, took them home and created this.  The 7 moveable parts are a bit hard to point out, but the (1) chain on the front left moved freely around the two nuts it is mounted on. The (2) large circle washer on the chain swung back and forth.  The (3) “L” bracket is attached to the long crane like arm and swung like a boot.  The (4) smaller washers that are wound on the spiral metal move up and along the spirals. The (5) chains hanging underneath the main square platform swing from side to side.  The (6) nuts on the main platform move up and down the screws the are mounted on.  Lastly, (7) the main crane like arm, moved up and down to lower its payload.

I like the idea that when  was putting this together I had just moved to California and I was enthralled by the mechanical and metal of the city.  I had spent the prior 10 years of my life living on a farm and life in the “faster” lane was feeling pretty harsh.