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4 Hour Work Week

1 Sep

Book cover, and Binder Design

A simple and creative look for a book cover and binder.  Its not a real book, but don’t you wish it was!?


Rah! Rah! Go Team Go!

29 Aug

Image traced and then colored in Adobe Illustrator

A simple drawing of a cheerleader (as today I need some cheering!) I drew this using a tracing technique, and brought it over into Illustrator did some magic and gave it color, and textures.  Nice little ditty!

5 Important Moments

22 Aug

5 Moments In my Life that Have Had an Impact on Me

This is a project that I did for a class at the Art Institute.  The project was to take 5 moments that had an impact on your life, and design 5 posters or cards that showcase those moments, while connecting them together.  Lots of emotions in these, and its powerful to look back in time at your own life and see where you have been and how far you have come since a life changing moment.

I have found a place of acceptance about dealing with the greatest loss I have had to face in my life so far.  I try not to look at it as loss anymore.  I have to look at straight in the eye and thank god for the luck I have had in my life.  I was blessed with someone who I loved and loved me so much (rare and precious), and that we were able to have each other even for a short time is such a gift.  I was able to forge on, and make a new existence for myself, finish my college education and find love again.  Life’s still hard, and has major struggles, but I think I’ll make it… =)

Cartoon ME!

16 Aug

Me as a cartoon! - Colored pencil on Sketch Pad

Of course our next assignment was much lighter than the self-portrait.  We had to turn it into a cartoon character.  I’ll admit, I don’t think it looks a thing like me.. but I’ve never been a cartoon, well at least not yet!!!

A Day At The Zoo

9 Aug

The Zoo - Colored Pencil Sketches

This is a grouping of sketches I did for an assignment that required us to draw free hand, images from the zoo.  I really liked drawing these, because they were my real first attempt at drawing animals.  I had a few problems, and got a great laugh out of my first professor at Baker College.  She thought my rhino looked like it was starving to death, I agree!  I love the giraffe, and gator.  I think they have real personality coming through the pencil lines.

Pencil Drawing – Beta Fish

5 Aug

Beta Fish - Graphite Pencil on Velum

This is a drawing of a beta fish I did in my second drawing class. The class was all about the three-dimensional aspect of drawing objects.  The skill of taking an object, and drawing it from the bottom up, breaking it down into smaller parts, perfecting those parts and then re-tracing until it’s just right.   I liked my fish, the teacher did not.  I like the flow and movement of the fish.  My pencil lines are strong, and I like the shape of the fish.  I have always had an affinity for Beta Fish, and have had many in my years.

Save The Music Postage Stamp Design

2 Aug

Mock Save The Music postage stamp by RobinPickles

This is an design of a US postage stamp (mock) that I created.  Simple and elegant this stamp features musical instruments and a bass clef.  Postage stamp design done in Photoshop.

A Fruit Story

22 Jul

This is something I created for a class called concept design.  We were given a series of words, and we had to concept a story and use pencil to draw 5 postcard size illustrations to tell our story using a pear and an apple.  This is…

A Fruit Story

A Fruit Story - Robin Paddock (c) 2011

At least I know I can do something right!

23 Jun


Sausage & Mushroom Pizza!

You’ve got to love pizza.  Soft chewy dough, covered in sweet and nicely spiced sauce covered in cheese and toppings, baked for 25 minutes to perfection.  I love making pizza almost as much as I love eating it because I do it well.

Of course making pizza isn’t something I have done well for all of my 43 years.   It’s only in the last year (2010) after I watched the major motion picture Julie & Julia that I finally picked up my copy of From Julia Child’s Kitchen (KNOPF) and found her pizza dough recipe.  I then perfected my own personal recipe, sorry Julia but it had to be done.

So I thought I would start my blog with something I do very well.  Call it somewhat of a boost to my morale, which has been surging downwards since I graduated from college in December (Marketing and Graphics Communications and a 3.71 GPA!) and have been looking for work.  Its been 6 full months since I virtually (it was an online experience)  and moved my tassel from right to left and I’m thinking because of the way the world is now, the job market, and the shear amount of people competing for work that I might just try and showcase myself in a blog.

So here we are.. Day 1!

Thanks for reading,


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