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At least I know I can do something right!

23 Jun


Sausage & Mushroom Pizza!

You’ve got to love pizza.  Soft chewy dough, covered in sweet and nicely spiced sauce covered in cheese and toppings, baked for 25 minutes to perfection.  I love making pizza almost as much as I love eating it because I do it well.

Of course making pizza isn’t something I have done well for all of my 43 years.   It’s only in the last year (2010) after I watched the major motion picture Julie & Julia that I finally picked up my copy of From Julia Child’s Kitchen (KNOPF) and found her pizza dough recipe.  I then perfected my own personal recipe, sorry Julia but it had to be done.

So I thought I would start my blog with something I do very well.  Call it somewhat of a boost to my morale, which has been surging downwards since I graduated from college in December (Marketing and Graphics Communications and a 3.71 GPA!) and have been looking for work.  Its been 6 full months since I virtually (it was an online experience)  and moved my tassel from right to left and I’m thinking because of the way the world is now, the job market, and the shear amount of people competing for work that I might just try and showcase myself in a blog.

So here we are.. Day 1!

Thanks for reading,


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