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Hot Sauce for Dogs and The People Who Love Them

20 Sep

Ay! Chihuahua Hot Sauce – For Distinctive Dogs

This is a concept I put together for a dog’s hot sauce, made for those dogs and owners who have to have everything!  Its target audience would be dog owners who have an affinity for their little k-9 friends.  This is a two page spread advertisement meant for a magazine.


Popcicle Stick Manatee

31 Aug

The Biggest Popcicle Manatee EVER!

This is a project from the Art Institute that I did for my form and space class.  We had to take a photograph of an animal that we drew out of a bucket, and make it using Popsicle sticks.  I could not believe how well it came out considering the shape and form of such a large sea creature I picked.  I began with forming the shapes of the body, and made cylinders in several different circumferences.  Once I got a body, I just thought of creative ways to add the limbs and face!  Voila, popsicle stick manatee!!!

Absolut(ly) a Point of Service Display

10 Aug

Absolut Point of Service Project - Concept Design

This is from a form and space class where we were charged with the creation of a point of service display.  This display is not unlike one you would see in a store where you can buy the product.  The idea (this is a rough mind you) is that there would be a cold and hot scene.  The Absolut blue would be pictured in blocks of ice surrounded by cold, ice and blues.  This would demonstrate and evoke feelings of the rush of a cold shot of vodka to warm you. The Absolut Lemon would be in a summer display right next to the ice, with sand, beach-balls, frothy cocktail glasses filled with colorful iced drinks.    “Vodka for all Seasons” or “Choose your Season” would be hung across the top of the entire display.