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A Day At The Zoo

9 Aug

The Zoo - Colored Pencil Sketches

This is a grouping of sketches I did for an assignment that required us to draw free hand, images from the zoo.  I really liked drawing these, because they were my real first attempt at drawing animals.  I had a few problems, and got a great laugh out of my first professor at Baker College.  She thought my rhino looked like it was starving to death, I agree!  I love the giraffe, and gator.  I think they have real personality coming through the pencil lines.


Pencil Drawing – Beta Fish

5 Aug

Beta Fish - Graphite Pencil on Velum

This is a drawing of a beta fish I did in my second drawing class. The class was all about the three-dimensional aspect of drawing objects.  The skill of taking an object, and drawing it from the bottom up, breaking it down into smaller parts, perfecting those parts and then re-tracing until it’s just right.   I liked my fish, the teacher did not.  I like the flow and movement of the fish.  My pencil lines are strong, and I like the shape of the fish.  I have always had an affinity for Beta Fish, and have had many in my years.

Save The Music Postage Stamp Design

2 Aug

Mock Save The Music postage stamp by RobinPickles

This is an design of a US postage stamp (mock) that I created.  Simple and elegant this stamp features musical instruments and a bass clef.  Postage stamp design done in Photoshop.

No Calories in This Fast Food

1 Aug

Hand drawn In Adobe Illustrator with mouse


My unique drawing style applied to the fast food I saw in the cafeteria on a day of class.  I mostly did this one for fun and I think it was actually the first thing I ever attempted to draw with Adobe Illustrator.  I love the program, and its great to create with shapes.  The 4 shapes that you can start every object with are;  square, rectangle, sphere, and cylinder.  With this idea stuck in the back of your brain, you can draw anything if you just start with the basics.

An Electrifying Idea – A Pig Story

26 Jul

Black Pen on Velum Paper Mounted on Foam Core and Black Board

This electrifying idea was part of an assignment to create 50 icon drawings of random things.  We were then to take those 50 drawings and  choose 10 and then concept a story and show it in a creative way.  I choose my pig, fish, snake, toaster, apartment building, city scape, sun, a brain, a tree and flowers.

My Initials Illustration

25 Jul

Initials Project – Illustrative Concept Design

This project was a part of my illustrative concept design class work.  It is pencil on white board and the originals are 4×6.  The assignment was to take our initials and give them action.  R is being rolled, L is lazing down the river, and P is popping out of a cake.  We assembled our drawings into a little book of initials, and we bound it ourselves.  This was my first experience in applied drawing.  My professors always say I have a quirky and unique vision in my illustrations.

A Fruit Story

22 Jul

This is something I created for a class called concept design.  We were given a series of words, and we had to concept a story and use pencil to draw 5 postcard size illustrations to tell our story using a pear and an apple.  This is…

A Fruit Story

A Fruit Story - Robin Paddock (c) 2011

Gill Sans Lecture Series Poster

21 Jul

This is a poster I created in Art School.  We were instructed to create a poster for a lecture series on a font of our choosing.

I really like the look of Gill Sans, a lovely serif font, easy to read, and good and visible from a distance.  I chose the colors because they are bold, and very eye catching.  Blue and green are both cool colors, and go very well together, the white is used as an accent to help pop and draw the eye to the most important information on the poster.

The grid system was used to draw the eye, from the top of the poster, through the information, and down to the internet address which would guide the viewer to find more information about the series.