Just had to create a page for creative photos, or stuff I am really moved by in pictures…..

I talked to a friend of mine yesterday whose Mom lost her battle with cancer a few weeks ago…and another friend who lost her mother about 2 months ago to cancer…we’ve all been doing a lot of talking about life, death, the afterlife, what may or may not be there, God, love…you know all those easy topics.  We’ll I am one for signs from our loved ones who have crossed over, and I look for them often.  So my friends (I’ll call her B) dad went home for the first time since his wife died to find a huge purple lilac tree that had not bloomed in 7 years, in a total full blossom on his arrival to the house he shared with her.   Being able to connect with her essence, almost to say, I’m still here…beautiful and watching over you. She asked me if I thought it was a sign.

Well what else could it be!!!   The next day I was out walking, and this is what I saw…

B's Mom's Flowers

Flowers are the renewal of Life....Visible


Chili is one of my sisters dogs, she has two.  This one was found in a terrible place, from an ad on craigslist.  They knew it needed rescue, and would not leave him behind.  He is now a happy and healthy doggie, and he loves to play ball!!!

This is Chili - Or Chaweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeni(He loves his BALL!)


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