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My First Music Video

28 Jun

This is a video I put together for fun… I used (with permission) clips from the limited edition Rick Springfield CD and set them to music.. while creating a story…He never released this song but I loved it.. mostly because I am one of the sea….

You will find out pretty quickly that Rick Springfield is someone who will pop up a great deal in things that I do.  He’s been in my life since I was 12 or so.  First as posters on my wall and now someone who writes the music that drives my life….that sounds somewhat stalkerish, and even he refers to his fans as the freaks ( although I hate that reference, I am NOT a freak, nor do I aspire to be) I’m just a girl who loves his music, his performances, and well him!  I’ll post that story later.

Rick Springfield and Robin May 7th, 2004