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Donna Martin Graduates! Donna Martin Graduates!

15 Jul

It was eviction night on Big Brother 13 tonight.  It was a great show last night including shinning moments such as; contestant Adam answering Julie Chen’s Question on his Favorite TV show of All time Beverly Hills 90210 (which is also my favorite show of all time), the eviction of Keith who was totally not expecting it, and the playing and winning of the HOH competition by Jordon.  I’ll tell you, I am bias and I think that Jeff and Jordon are the most real people in reality TV.

Reality TV, I have been watching it since its birth, which for me was the opening words from the MTV series The Real World which featured a number of people, picked to live in a house, and have their lives taped, and see what happens when things get real.   The reality was questioned then by many, and I question the reality of all reality shows with every show I see.

The products or “reality stars” that come out of these programs end up showing their true colors, and a good majority of them seem to only want fame, and place its value over the prizes offered to the “winner” of each show.  The people who have their 15 minutes of fame on these programs usually fade away from the huge popularity of the finale day and you don’t hear from them again until you see a familiar face on TMZ, or Inside Edition.  Of course the concept of all-stars seasons have made the ability to resurrect the TV persona that was developed in the first appearance on any show, and that has helped perpetuate some of the more “real” people who just happen into a shot at reality TV stardom.

Speaking of which, Big Brother 13 week, 2 Head of household contest was played last night on Live TV and Won!  Here is a bit of a graphic I made with a screen capture from the live feed broadcasts.  I think Jeff & Jordon are a fine example of two real people who found themselves involved in Big Brother 11, and have stayed true to themselves.  I admire that in a world where people feel they must conform to the plastic world that reality TV has helped to proliferate.

Jeff and Jordon The Sweethearts of Big Brother 11, The Amazing Race, and Big Brother 13!



11 Jul

My Grandma Roback, born Viola Bell De Tray who was born from a bloodline of French Royalty who had escaped and fought for the US in the American Revolution along side Lafayette and George Washington was a great cook.  Mostly because of the challenge of raising 4 boys and one girl in a  rural Southern Michigan town named Onsted where there was little money, but lots of farm land.

Grandma Roback, AKA Granny, Dwannie (said in my best Tweety bird), was a 4 foot 10′ powerhouse who could cook up a storm when the family gathered for visits at the local homestead in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  As you’d pile out of the sardine car you’d been trapped in for 6 long hours, flounder up the stairs and swing the door open wide to the smells of hot home cooked food, awaiting our hungry stomachs.  After hugs and hearing the latest on everyone’s lives we’d gather at the table for our meal.  The old homestead table is now in my brother’s house.  However,  it has traveled extensively and has made its residence on both coasts and even in Hawaii.  This table surrounded by family members is the best and the most delicious way to eat the dishes prepared by my Grandma with our happiness and taste-buds in mind.


After this point, the flavor only gets better

Ah… let it just sit there and roll of the tongue… SLUM-GUL-E-ON.  Slumgullion is my favorite dish in the whole wide world, and I don’t understand how it is possible that it is not a staple of every kitchen, family, food plan or menu.  I was told as a child that this dish was recalled every summer by our family and the recipe had evolved into its current form all the way back from during the great depression years.  Those memories of times when food for the whole family was very difficult to come by were not soon forgotten by my family.  Back in those times hamburger was cheap and was the only meat that was even close to attainable.  Tomatoes and other vegetables that were growing in the garden and plentiful all summer long.  As the summer would ware on, the dish would take on different flavors.  The first summer batch filled with fresh hard greenies; always tasted completely different from the last batch filled with the orange and yellow tomatoes found in early October while hanging onto an Indian summer.

Thanksgiving in June

27 Jun

I like to get creative with writing when I do it…. I like to have the words really express what I am feeling when I write it.  I want you to feel my memories of thanksgiving, and meld those with what your memories are… build a connection… between lifetimes.  Does this make you do that?–Robin

What do you want for desert? How about another turkey!

Image Description of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an event I look forward to every year.  Feasting on a succulent Turkey, cooked with love in a warm oven scenting the house with its crisping skin and dribbling juices.

At the first invasion of my steel blade, I observe the first slice of white meat removed from the tanned bird.  Feathering away from its bone, I anticipate a verdict on its succulence.  Stuffing erupts from every orifice, awaiting removal and serves as a subordinate.  Proceeding to the dark side I perceive a sound as a grimace; as the flesh meets its partner on a platter.

My stomach overfull, I begin the process of deconstruction.  Picking bones clean, tossing aside the gristle and unwanted remains of the kill.   I’m removing the evidence.  Precious scraps of bird stick to my fingers, and I find room in my bloated stomach for a little more.

Packed in cold plastic; leftovers, extras, unwanted portions will be resurrected in time to be devoured when hunger returns.  Bones and the carcass, now un-inviting go in a bag to be boiled into broth for soup, an accompaniment to my sandwich.  The dry wishbone hangs, waiting to be cracked in a fight for its last wish.

At least I know I can do something right!

23 Jun


Sausage & Mushroom Pizza!

You’ve got to love pizza.  Soft chewy dough, covered in sweet and nicely spiced sauce covered in cheese and toppings, baked for 25 minutes to perfection.  I love making pizza almost as much as I love eating it because I do it well.

Of course making pizza isn’t something I have done well for all of my 43 years.   It’s only in the last year (2010) after I watched the major motion picture Julie & Julia that I finally picked up my copy of From Julia Child’s Kitchen (KNOPF) and found her pizza dough recipe.  I then perfected my own personal recipe, sorry Julia but it had to be done.

So I thought I would start my blog with something I do very well.  Call it somewhat of a boost to my morale, which has been surging downwards since I graduated from college in December (Marketing and Graphics Communications and a 3.71 GPA!) and have been looking for work.  Its been 6 full months since I virtually (it was an online experience)  and moved my tassel from right to left and I’m thinking because of the way the world is now, the job market, and the shear amount of people competing for work that I might just try and showcase myself in a blog.

So here we are.. Day 1!

Thanks for reading,


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