New Life

I decided to move to California in about 2005, I knew that I wanted to and my California dreaming became more than just a fantasy in 2007.

I came to California to attend the Art Institute of Southern California – Orange County (sounds impressive doesn’t it?) I found out it was mostly an overpriced processing shop for grungy over privileged kids, looking for something to do after high school.  As a 40 year old widow looking to find my own way in the world it made me a bit crazy.

I met some interesting sorts along the way, some good people, some not so good people, young ambition, driving forces, wannabe mentors, lovers, friends ….it drove me for a while.  The speed of life in California can be rough.  Keeping up with the pack, finding my way so far away from home…. spending one of the best summers of my life hanging out at the beach, running with kids half my age…I’d lost more weight then I had EVER been able too…and I still was feeling pretty empty…I was still feeling lost, and alone…


Steve and Robin 2008 - Beach House

I met Steve…..ah Sweet love….it was instant you know and I was totally not looking for love.   That’s the way I usually fall in love.  Right from the start I knew this guy was something special, and he is.  He loves me with everything he’s got and I’d be short for this world without him.

“Alone in a world of 6 billion I was feeling my soul rust
Yeah I saw that everything was broken everything was ashes
everything was dust
(I say this) I say this jut to let you know
(I say this) I’d be crazy if I let you go
I’d be stoned I’d be stupefied
And I don’t want to run and hide

Here’s me thinking love can never survive (yeah yeah)
You showed up Venus in overdrive
Sex just got me buried alive (yeah yeah)
Turn on Venus in overdrive”

— Rick Springfield (


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