Donna Martin Graduates! Donna Martin Graduates!

15 Jul

It was eviction night on Big Brother 13 tonight.  It was a great show last night including shinning moments such as; contestant Adam answering Julie Chen’s Question on his Favorite TV show of All time Beverly Hills 90210 (which is also my favorite show of all time), the eviction of Keith who was totally not expecting it, and the playing and winning of the HOH competition by Jordon.  I’ll tell you, I am bias and I think that Jeff and Jordon are the most real people in reality TV.

Reality TV, I have been watching it since its birth, which for me was the opening words from the MTV series The Real World which featured a number of people, picked to live in a house, and have their lives taped, and see what happens when things get real.   The reality was questioned then by many, and I question the reality of all reality shows with every show I see.

The products or “reality stars” that come out of these programs end up showing their true colors, and a good majority of them seem to only want fame, and place its value over the prizes offered to the “winner” of each show.  The people who have their 15 minutes of fame on these programs usually fade away from the huge popularity of the finale day and you don’t hear from them again until you see a familiar face on TMZ, or Inside Edition.  Of course the concept of all-stars seasons have made the ability to resurrect the TV persona that was developed in the first appearance on any show, and that has helped perpetuate some of the more “real” people who just happen into a shot at reality TV stardom.

Speaking of which, Big Brother 13 week, 2 Head of household contest was played last night on Live TV and Won!  Here is a bit of a graphic I made with a screen capture from the live feed broadcasts.  I think Jeff & Jordon are a fine example of two real people who found themselves involved in Big Brother 11, and have stayed true to themselves.  I admire that in a world where people feel they must conform to the plastic world that reality TV has helped to proliferate.

Jeff and Jordon The Sweethearts of Big Brother 11, The Amazing Race, and Big Brother 13!


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