More Thoughts on Big Brother 13

13 Jul

Been watching Big Brother 13 live feeds this season, and so far I’m not too impressed with the casting.  All but a couple of  the cast members are wannabe actors/actresses/famous persons, and it shows.  This factor makes for some very unlikable characters in the house, however I think that might be a draw for viewership for CBS.

I long for the days of Big Brother 1, back when Chicken George and Brittney and all the other house guests, had to earn money for food, and take care of the house.  They actually had to negotiate and decide as a group what was necessary and what was decided was luxury and not important enough to spend precious budget on.  They had to “live” with no contact with the outside world except for Big Brother himself.  Learning to tolerate others habits, and behaviors, deciding who would be evicted each week by each individuals social behaviors.

Undoubtedly the most fun for the viewers of the AOL free live feeds (back then it was free with a paid AOL account) were the banner planes that were carrying messages to the secluded house guests about the backstabbing and nasty actions of un-liked house guests.  These messages were fan funded through donation and would be written to get as much information to favorites about the game.  These were so much fun to write, watch and send!  It made the viewer feel  like they were part of the action.  I think Big Brother needs to capture that feeling back somehow.  The differences really make the show something special, not just a money-maker or fame production tank.

Cassie missed out on Head of Household weekly photos because she took an hour and a half (really!?) putting on makeup. You missed the boat Cassie!

I do think it takes a certain kind of ego to put yourself out there like the house guests on Big Brother do.  But they want the Hollywood dream of the 2011’s.  Get on a show, get famous, get publicity… stop……The Walk of Fame….. or is that shame?

So readers, tune in Wednesday July 14th on CBS to watch the few real people on Big Brother 13.  While it’s not as good as it used to be, it’s still my favorite program of the summer, and its bound to get more exciting and drama filled as each long day passes.



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