Have you ever had one of those days?

6 Jul

The Poem I just Wrote

I’ve been writing for a time that is obscene, all I am doing is bashing my head on the screen.

Trying to think of something unseen, this time my brain is coming up clean.

I thought about meter, assonance, alliteration and rhyme, ideas are eluding my sensitive mind.

I’m not in the mood to write using senses, Oh! Look I’m already up to 4 sentences!

I’ll keep on trying till I run out of time, I’m thinking and thinking and I’m starting to whine.

Density, intensity, prosody, and meter, I wonder if my vocabulary might please the reader.

I gave it my best to come up with a ditty, and all that I got was really not pretty.

So I’ll post my poem as a  draft, and hope that I’m not up the creek with no raft.

The next time I try to write on the fly, I’ll think of a subjects that more people will buy.

Brilliant the words that will flow from my pen, I’ll never be stuck bashing my head again.


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