Thanksgiving in June

27 Jun

I like to get creative with writing when I do it…. I like to have the words really express what I am feeling when I write it.  I want you to feel my memories of thanksgiving, and meld those with what your memories are… build a connection… between lifetimes.  Does this make you do that?–Robin

What do you want for desert? How about another turkey!

Image Description of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an event I look forward to every year.  Feasting on a succulent Turkey, cooked with love in a warm oven scenting the house with its crisping skin and dribbling juices.

At the first invasion of my steel blade, I observe the first slice of white meat removed from the tanned bird.  Feathering away from its bone, I anticipate a verdict on its succulence.  Stuffing erupts from every orifice, awaiting removal and serves as a subordinate.  Proceeding to the dark side I perceive a sound as a grimace; as the flesh meets its partner on a platter.

My stomach overfull, I begin the process of deconstruction.  Picking bones clean, tossing aside the gristle and unwanted remains of the kill.   I’m removing the evidence.  Precious scraps of bird stick to my fingers, and I find room in my bloated stomach for a little more.

Packed in cold plastic; leftovers, extras, unwanted portions will be resurrected in time to be devoured when hunger returns.  Bones and the carcass, now un-inviting go in a bag to be boiled into broth for soup, an accompaniment to my sandwich.  The dry wishbone hangs, waiting to be cracked in a fight for its last wish.


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