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A Metaphor of the Worst Kind

30 Jun

I was asked to write  a poem that extends a metaphor as a conceit throughout the poem…This is what I came up with.

Intimate Strangers

An uninvited guest, I asked him to come in.

Around my neck he slipped his belt, and tightened with a grin.

It was just a game he invented; a rehearsed improvisation.

Over my head, I stared into the eyes of my predator.

It was a domestic cooperation.

I snatched my clothes off the floor, a bruised and self-made whore.

I thanked him for the horror, and walked the bastard to the door.

Maybe I had misled; an unintended contribution.

In the mirror, I stare into the eyes of my predator.

We were intimate strangers.


My First Music Video

28 Jun

This is a video I put together for fun… I used (with permission) clips from the limited edition Rick Springfield CD and set them to music.. while creating a story…He never released this song but I loved it.. mostly because I am one of the sea….

You will find out pretty quickly that Rick Springfield is someone who will pop up a great deal in things that I do.  He’s been in my life since I was 12 or so.  First as posters on my wall and now someone who writes the music that drives my life….that sounds somewhat stalkerish, and even he refers to his fans as the freaks ( although I hate that reference, I am NOT a freak, nor do I aspire to be) I’m just a girl who loves his music, his performances, and well him!  I’ll post that story later.

Rick Springfield and Robin May 7th, 2004

Thanksgiving in June

27 Jun

I like to get creative with writing when I do it…. I like to have the words really express what I am feeling when I write it.  I want you to feel my memories of thanksgiving, and meld those with what your memories are… build a connection… between lifetimes.  Does this make you do that?–Robin

What do you want for desert? How about another turkey!

Image Description of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an event I look forward to every year.  Feasting on a succulent Turkey, cooked with love in a warm oven scenting the house with its crisping skin and dribbling juices.

At the first invasion of my steel blade, I observe the first slice of white meat removed from the tanned bird.  Feathering away from its bone, I anticipate a verdict on its succulence.  Stuffing erupts from every orifice, awaiting removal and serves as a subordinate.  Proceeding to the dark side I perceive a sound as a grimace; as the flesh meets its partner on a platter.

My stomach overfull, I begin the process of deconstruction.  Picking bones clean, tossing aside the gristle and unwanted remains of the kill.   I’m removing the evidence.  Precious scraps of bird stick to my fingers, and I find room in my bloated stomach for a little more.

Packed in cold plastic; leftovers, extras, unwanted portions will be resurrected in time to be devoured when hunger returns.  Bones and the carcass, now un-inviting go in a bag to be boiled into broth for soup, an accompaniment to my sandwich.  The dry wishbone hangs, waiting to be cracked in a fight for its last wish.

Creative Mentor Poem

24 Jun

Here is something that I like….it’s a poem I wrote and it has to do with choosing a mentor (someone you admire) and write a creative poem about it.  Can you guess my favorite movie and character from it?


Tall Top Hat, tilted with grin,

Untouchable, quick to see past facades:

Oh! Invention, sweet delights:

Longing for the precise mind!

Sweet sensations mask the pain,

Adventurous temptation, another’s gain,

(Delivers injections, of parental shame.)

One by one, plucking the badness,

Lessons are taught, words are slight of hand:

Oh, deviant, yet caring:

Amused at the demise of the erroneous!

Remedy delivered, upon the bad and greedy,

Escaped from his life, lonely and needy,

(His clever whims prove speedy.)

At least I know I can do something right!

23 Jun


Sausage & Mushroom Pizza!

You’ve got to love pizza.  Soft chewy dough, covered in sweet and nicely spiced sauce covered in cheese and toppings, baked for 25 minutes to perfection.  I love making pizza almost as much as I love eating it because I do it well.

Of course making pizza isn’t something I have done well for all of my 43 years.   It’s only in the last year (2010) after I watched the major motion picture Julie & Julia that I finally picked up my copy of From Julia Child’s Kitchen (KNOPF) and found her pizza dough recipe.  I then perfected my own personal recipe, sorry Julia but it had to be done.

So I thought I would start my blog with something I do very well.  Call it somewhat of a boost to my morale, which has been surging downwards since I graduated from college in December (Marketing and Graphics Communications and a 3.71 GPA!) and have been looking for work.  Its been 6 full months since I virtually (it was an online experience)  and moved my tassel from right to left and I’m thinking because of the way the world is now, the job market, and the shear amount of people competing for work that I might just try and showcase myself in a blog.

So here we are.. Day 1!

Thanks for reading,


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